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- Purdeep Sangha -

You and I may not have met in person, but I know quite a bit about what you're going through with your business right now.
I know what the stress of being a business professional, spouse and parent feel like. I also know what it's like building a business through a recession.

Balancing a happy family with a successful business can be a struggle on its own.

I've been there...

And right now, with downturn economy, we have a whole new element to deal with.

... that feeling of unease of not knowing exactly what's going to happen and how it's going to impact your business, your quality of life and the well-being of your family. 

There's no easy way to say this... with this recession and the ripple effect it will have on your business, it's time to seriously evaluate how you're running your business.

... if you don't, I fear you'll be one of the 91% of business owners to FAIL during this time.
The numbers from the 2008 recession speak for themselves and a painful reminder...

Bankrupt - 17% of businesses went bankrupt or had to be acquired.

Slow Come Back - 8 out of 10 businesses took three or more years to get back to their prerecession growth rates.

Never The Same - 40% of businesses never returned to their prerecession profit levels year later.

Lost Market - 85% of industry leaders lost their market position permanently.

This 2020 recession (possible depression) is predicted to be the "perfect storm" and significantly greater than what we experienced in 2008. 

Many businesses are predicted to be "ship wrecked" with little chance of surviving. And even if they do, it'll take them years to recover.
Hello! My Name Is Purdeep Sangha
I'm widely known as "The Growth Strategist For Business Professionals". In simple terms, I'm a business consultant and coach who has helped countless business professionals achieve high levels of success. From 6-10 figure businesses, startups to celebrity entrepreneurs. I'm also an entrepreneur myself and have studied, trained and experienced business strategy and growth for over two decades. 

But more importantly, I know how to grow a profitable business, even in the toughest of economic conditions. In 2009 during the previous recession, I was headhunted to help a challenged organization. They had suffered a nine-month labor strike plus were hit by the 2008 recession plus they were operating in the hardest hit sector (banking) where consumer confidence was at an all time low.

What happened to that business? Well, you'll find out a little further down this page.

But first, I want you to not only survive this recession but also come out on top. I want you to have a business that creates enduring profitability for you and your family. And that's why I have created this Recession Guide for you. To help you have "The Invincible Business" you deserve to have.
Remember the business I mentioned earlier? Here's the results they achieved using the strategies in my 
Recession-Navigation Guide. 
ONLY 9% of businesses came out of the 2008 recession flourishing. What was their secret? 

While I can't promise you the same results, I can show you the strategies they used to pull ahead and the strategies we used to get the formidable results above. 

And it's already helping our clients pull ahead of their competition in this current 2020 recession.
1. Reset What's Most Important
Most business owners continue to operate in "business as usual" mode when an economic downturn hits. They may cut back on spending or change a few things here and there, but they don't reevaluate their current priorities.

The sad reality is that things drastically change throughout a recession. Not only does the economy change but more importantly consumer behavior changes. 

The very first thing you need to do is reevaluate your existing priorities. Is it still relevant? Does it make sense to continue to follow that strategy?  And then focus on the priorities that are most important. 
2. Develop A Customer-Centered Mindset
So many business owners are successfully "stuck" in traditional model thinking. It's the biggest thing that holds them back in a recession. 

Your business isn't your product, service, logistics, technology, expertise or what most think makes their business successful. If you stick to what worked before, you're won't be able adapt to the changing future. 

Instead, think of your business as simply this "your ability to create and keep a customer". It's a slight shift in thinking that leads to massive results! Everything you do going forward should be based on the single question "how do I create and keep a customer?"
3. Manage Your Risks
We all like to talk about the sexy stuff in business like sales, marketing, growth, innovation, etc. But the not-so-sexy stuff can be your biggest savior in a recession. 

A prudent risk management assessment and plan is critical to maneuver successfully through a recession. It's one of the very first activities you should perform.

It's not necessarily the factors that we see that or predict that hurt your business. It's usually the factors you don't see as we've experienced with this global virus and its impact. 

4. Focus On Your Financial Performance
Numbers don't lie and in a recession, you must focus on your numbers more than ever before. 

Unfortunately, business owners don't always focus on the right numbers. They're using the wrong KPI's that just don't get them the results that their looking for.

You should be focusing on two items in particular: a) economic profit - how much you're making for every dollar you put into your business activities b) cash flows - cash is "king" and having sufficient cash flows gives you a competitive advantage in a recession.

5. Manage For Value
The purpose of business is to produce value. Therefore, every activity in your business must produce value for you and your customers.

Now is the time reevaluate the factors you and your team are basing your decisions on. As well as what your new goals and targets are.

Ensuring that every person in your organization is on the same page is going to help you get through this recession easier as well as give you a competitive advantage. Your competition will most likely be spinning their wheels with this. 
6. Become Operationally Efficient
Streamlining your operations is what the very best do to pull ahead of their competition.

Why? Think of business as a sport. You need an offense and a defense to win the game. Being operationally efficient is your defense and allows you to play a stronger offense and take a little more risk.

Removing waste, cutting non-value added costs and activities is essential to freeing up resources so that you can invest in opportunities that allow you to push further ahead in a recession. Those who don't have efficient operations are rarely able to capture these opportunities. 
7. Build Your Human Capital
The biggest mistake many businesses make is dropping the ball on their human capital. 

Here's the reality. Your business is only as good as your employees. If you fail to invest in them during a recession, they will fail to invest in you when times get better.

Although cutting costs is important in a recession, ensure that you're not shooting yourself in the foot long-term by losing key knowledge, skills and expertise. You'll need them to get a head-start when the economy picks up again.
8. Turn Customers Into Super Fans
When times get tough, consumers get frustrated at start looking elsewhere.

Customer loyalty and retention is the most important factor for long-term business profitability.

It's time to step-up your customer experience and intimacy levels so that you build lasting relationships with your customers. Turn your average customers into loyal Super Fans. 
And there's three more powerful elements covered in the Recession Guide...

What To Do When You're Unsure Of What To Do
Most of these strategies are fairly easy to execute, even when you're not sure which way the economy is going to turn or how bad it's going to get. The biggest challenge business owners are facing right is not knowing what to do and when. 

With so much uncertainty in the economy and lack of real support, keeping your business healthy and growing might seem like an unattainable goal. I'm seeing a lot of people lacking clarity and hoping that they'll be able to operate "business as usual" when the economy gets going again.

Perhaps that's something you've been thinking about?
How To Leverage A Downturn Economy
With this new challenge also comes massive opportunity.

The smart ones who came out on top from the last recession realized and took advantage of the the opportunities early on. 

Many businesses will fail during this downturn which means that customers will need to do business with someone else. That's where your business comes in.

Allow me to walk you through, step by step, the exact strategies you can implement right now to keep your business protected during the downturn as well as capture the new market share that's already available today.

When you order now, you'll get instant access to your professional Recession-Navigation Guide which includes your Printable PDF as well as your 3-Part Video Coaching Series. The video series is only 25 minutes long in total and is designed to be straight to the point with no b.s. as I know your time is valuable. 
In this, you'll find the 10 most powerful, yet simple elements to set you up for success and come out as a winner. You'll notice that it's broken down into easy-to-understand questions which guide you to making better business decisions and taking more effective action.

Business success essentially comes from making a series of better decisions with proper execution. That's what this guide will help you accomplish. 

I'll also show you how to avoid the critical mistakes that cause businesses to fail during a recession. It's just as important to know what not to do!
I've put this training together for my best clients, but because I'm seeing so many business owners suffer right now, I believe I have a moral duty to make it available to you.

You're gaining access to the same information that my clients are paying tens of thousands of dollars for in my private coaching sessions.

It's the most reliable way to protect your business and move forward in these uncertain times.
The Choice Is Yours
Will you fall into the category of being shipwrecked? Will you allow circumstances to control your business and life? Will you let the chaos and uncertainty cause you to slow your business growth? Will you allow others to take market share that you can easily capture today? 


Will you sail ahead of your competition into clearer waters? Will you take the fate of your business and family's future into your own hands? Will you protect your business the smart way and take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to catapult your success to a whole new level?

If yes, get the Recession-Navigation Guide and start taking control of your future, today.

About The Author

Purdeep Sangha

Purdeep Sangha is an authority in his field and is one of the most sought after business strategists for business growth, leadership and mindset. He's worked with some of the top entrepreneurs in their industry.

Now he wants to share their strategies of business success with you!

Just so you have complete confidence in Purdeep's high-level of business expertise, here are some of his credentials:

  • Executive MBA in Innovation Leadership
  • ​Certified Innovation Executive
  • ​Certified In Financial Management
  • ​Certified In Business Operations Excellence
  • Certified In Neuroscience of Change
  • Certified Lean Black Belt In Operations
  • ​Certified Executive Education Graduate
  • ​Certified In Strategic Intervention Coaching
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